The Daily Agent Experience

Being an agent is living with a sense of death-threatening urgency. All my life I was told: “simmer down, what’s the urgency?” “take a chill pill” (that traumatizing childhood experience), or, my father’s famous line, “Your urgency does not qualify my emergency.”

When I became an agent, my boss told me one of the reasons I was hired was on the basis of my urgency. It wasn’t the first time I was reminded of the famous Alanis Morrisette song.

Today, I wanted to share this eCard that speaks to the agent (and writer and dater) experience, particularly when on submission with a proposal. I know many of you relate.

James C. Goodale

"An engaging work which underlines the importance of fighting for a free press. Without press freedom, informed public debate is curtailed and democratic accountability diminished." — Kofi Annan

"James Goodale is an American treasure and so is Fighting for the Press. This is a story worthy of John Grisham, except this one actually happened; it is fact, not fiction – and it’s still unfolding." — Dan Rather