About Lucinda Literary

Lucinda Literary is one of very few hybrid marketing and literary agencies. We use a multi-pronged approach—representation, lecture, marketing, and publicity—to help authors identify and reach the broadest audience of readers possible.

Unlike many traditional agencies or public relations firms, we have not been onlookers, but have actively experienced the rise of new media.  We are instinctively familiar and knowledgeable with the myriad forms of promotion available through the Internet.  Lucinda’s distinct experience on both the corporate side of online marketing and publicity offers our clients insights into all aspects of the publishing process.  Plugged into new media, but maintaining active relationships with traditional media, our greatest value is simply to be tireless, creative, and energetic advocates for books.

Your Book → Your Identity → Your Message → Your Network = Your Audience

We have worked with the following publishers:

  • Ballantine/Random House
  • Crown/Random House
  • WilliamMorrow/HarperCollins
  • Atria/Simon & Schuster
  • Free Press/Simon & Schuster
  • Gallery/Simon & Schuster
  • Scholastic
  • Berkeley/Penguin
  • Plume/Penguin
  • Little, Brown/Hachette
  • Twelve/Hachette
  • Da Capo/Perseus
  • Sky Pony/Sky Horse Publishing
  • Sterling
  • Adams Media
  • Amazon
  • Beacon Press
  • Diversion Books
  • Full Fathom Five Digital
  • Motivational Press
  • Open Road Media
  • Hay House