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Susan Peirce Thompson

““I just finished reading Bright Line Eating— every single word. This book is not like anything else out there. Not even close. Dr. Thompson has illuminated the reasons why so many of us are so addicted to today’s food supply and why obesity is so common. Most importantly, she outlines the path to freedom, thinness, and health. Freedom from the tyranny of the scale, of fast foods, of carb addiction. All of it. This book is totally different— and if you read it— every word— like I did, your life will be changed. A light bulb of “aha” will go off in your brain. This book is based not only on the personal experiences of thousands, but also backed up by solid brain science that has never been presented like this before. And I’m willing to bet you’ll be eager to start Bright Line Eating yourself so you too can start “living happy, thin, and free.”” — Christiane Northrup, MD New York Times bestselling author of Goddesses Never Age

David Bodanis

“"Writer and futurist Bodanis imparts fresh insight into the genius—and failures—of the 20th century’s most celebrated scientist...This provocative biography illuminates the human flaws that operate subtly in the shadows of scientific endeavor."” — Publishers Weekly

Chris Bailey

“So often we get stuck just doing what we have always done, even if it's not really working. This book helps you cut through all the productivity advice out there to find and test what really works for you.” — Shawn Achor, positive psychology researcher and New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

Douglas Kennedy

“From the #1 internationally bestselling author of The Moment and Five Days comes “the best book about Morocco since The Sheltering Sky. Completely absorbing and atmospheric."” — Philip Kerr

Richard Cohen

“The highest compliment one can pay “How to Write Like Tolstoy” is that it provokes an overwhelming urge to read and write, to be in dialogue or even doomed competition with the greatest creative minds… That Mr. Cohen is an editor, that his love of literature comes in large part from awe in the presence of better writers than he, is no small matter. His love is infectious, and regardless of how well he ends up teaching us to write, that is miracle enough.” — Stefan Beck, The Wall Street Journal

Juliana Barbassa

“[Barbassa's] interviews with police, prostitutes, drug dealers, ecologists, businesspeople, academics, movers and shakers, and the moved and shaken offer a fascinating look at the people who live in and aspire to change one of the world’s most impressive cities.” — Booklist

Lindsay Jill Roth

“Fun, fresh and pulling no punches, What Pretty Girls Are Made Of, will be the book of 2015 for all women who’ve ever worked for a nightmare boss and lived to tell the tale, and who've chased love until realizing that it can't be chased. Brimming with chutzpa in the powdered face of a truly toxic boss, Alison is the anti-Hannah Horvath, an immensely likeable tour-guide through the underbelly of an industry that peddles perfection. We cringe with her, root for her, and thank God we will never have to do our twenties again.
— Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, bestselling authors of The Nanny Diaries and Nanny Returns

Bower Yousse and Thomas J. Cryan

“When we measure the life of Freddie Steinmark with the unyielding definition of a calendar, his time was short. But his story is nonetheless timeless. When we measure by the passion and purpose displayed on the pages of this book, the story of Freddie Steinmark will never go away.” — Jeffrey Marx, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the New York Times Bestseller Season of Life


Anna Lefler

“Captivating and relentlessly funny, Preschooled is a brilliant, sublime romp through today’s Pre-K jungle. With a fresh, wry wit, Anna Lefler skewers the ridiculous pretense of the preschool scene while weaving a hilarious and satisfying story that will have you turning pages well past pick-up time.” — Jenna McCarthy, author of Pretty Much Screwed

Ginny Gilder

“Beautiful and important on so many levels, Course Correction is about rowing and about so much more–hope and hopelessness, fear and courage, loss and redemption. Ultimately it is about the transforming power of love, and, dammit all, it made me cry.” — Daniel James Brown, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Boys in the Boat

Michael Shnayerson

“A Publisher's Weekly Top 10 Political Book of the Season”

“Cuomo, in Shnayerson’s telling, was the young campaign operative who shimmied up telephone poles in Queens in the dead of night to take down his father Mario’s opponent’s campaign posters, and would do just about anything if it meant winning.” — Capitol New York

Lisa Freeman

“Where was this book when I was fifteen? Honey Girl is a daring debut. A fierce story of female friendship, earned acceptance, and following the unwritten rules of Southern California beach boy and girl culture in the '70s.” — Jamie Lee Curtis

Nina Darnton

“This haunting page-turner will keep you up all night and be long remembered after the last page has been read.” — Mary Higgins Clark, Author

Full Fathom Five Digital

“At FFF Digital, we see great potential for direct-to-digital content that is particularly suited to the ebook space: predominantly commercial and genre-based fiction with mass-market appeal... and we see limitless possibilities for ebook content to extend into the full array of entertainment media.” — Samantha Streger, Editorial Director, Full Fathom Five Digital

Dr. Sonya Rhodes with Susan Schneider

“Relationship therapist Sonya Rhodes’s liberating, straight-talking guide convincingly argues that successful modern women—the audience who embraced Lean In—can find the right guy without having to change or settle, and tells them how to do it.”

James C. Goodale

“An engaging work which underlines the importance of fighting for a free press. Without press freedom, informed public debate is curtailed and democratic accountability diminished.” — Kofi Annan

“James Goodale is an American treasure and so is Fighting for the Press. This is a story worthy of John Grisham, except this one actually happened; it is fact, not fiction – and it’s still unfolding.” — Dan Rather

Five Days

Douglas Kennedy

“With Five Days, Douglas Kennedy has crafted a brilliant meditation on regret, fidelity, family, and second chances that will have you breathlessly turning pages to find out what happened in the past and what will happen next. At once heartbreaking and hopeful, it is a bracing new work of fiction by an internationally acclaimed writer at the height of his powers.” — Will Schwalbe, author of The End of Your Life Book Club

Rajeev Peshawaria

“In a sea of leadership guides, this new offering rises to the top with its gripping insights that will inspire reflection and action in leaders and managers at all levels…Peshawaria's book ought to become required reading for all business people--from students to executives.” — Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Sonia Taitz

“A heartbreaking memoir of healing power and redeeming devotion...The suffering and endurance of Taitz’s parents form the shadow-hung backdrop of a childhood in a high-octane, postwar America where history seems weightless and tragedy a foreign import. Although the wonder years that Taitz scrupulously, tenderly, beautifully, often comically renders aren’t that far removed from us, they have acquired the ache and poignance of a lost, Kodachrome age. A past here reborn and tenderly restored with love and absorption.” — James Wolcott, columnist at Vanity Fair and author of Lucking Out

Alan L. Wurtzel

“Alan Wurtzel led Circuit City to extraordinary success, one of a small handful of Fortune 500 companies to make a leap from good to great. Years later, Circuit City ceased to exist. Any understanding of what makes great companies tick must also consider the question of how they can fall. Alan Wurtzel’s own analysis of the company he built to greatness, and its subsequent demise, adds to our understanding.” — Jim Collins, author Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner

“If your wardrobe isn’t working for you, don’t go off and buy another piece of clothing, buy this book! The answer to the age-old question ‘What should I wear?’ is right here. An insightful, informative, and relevant approach to dressing yourself when you just don’t have your own celebrity stylist.” — Phillip Bloch, fashion expert, author & TV personality

Hannah Seligson

“Zeitgeist reporter Hannah Seligson details this new path to adulthood in a book that promises to be illuminating, surprising, and provocative—both for Gen Y readers themselves and for people who want to understand this charming yet sometimes infuriating, generation. I need this book. What is “nexting” and “jacked”?” — Gretchen Rubin, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home

By Brett Blumenthal

Brett Blumenthal

“Who doesn’t want to transform their lives for the better? A Whole New You lays out a manageable, thoughtful program that makes it possible to tackle the challenges necessary to lead a healthier, happier life.” — Gretchen Rubin, NYT Bestselling author of The Happiness Project

Douglas Kennedy

“Kennedy is astonishing at communicating his characters’ emotional turmoil . . . and he tosses tough ethical questions our way as he ponders the ‘moment’ that could change everything—and the very nature of love.” — Library Journal (starred review)

Allison Winn Scotch

“Scotch specializes in heroines at a crossroads, questioning their life choices and preparing to embark on journeys of self-discovery. . . . [She] creates eminently relatable characters, with a particularly excellent understanding of the way sisters interact, and has the ability to craft scenes of real emotional weight.” — Booklist

Laura M. Prager, MD and Abigail L. Donovan, MD

“These true-to-life stories tells us what happens when a child has a psychiatric emergency. These moments of crisis give us a rare glimpse into the child's emotional problems, the anguish of the families, the challenges faced by the psychiatrists evaluating the situation, and the constraints society imposes in dealing with these very vulnerable families. The authors’ restrained and thoughtful presentation brings the plight of these children into bold relief.” — Dr. Mike Jellinek, Chief of Partners HealthCare System, Former President of Newton Wellesley Hospital

“The cut of mental illness can be sharper than any surgeon's knife. Drs. Prager and Donovan go beyond dry, medical patient reports and capture the true stories behind children and families in emotional turmoil.” — Pediatricians Dr. Naline Lai and Dr. Julie Kardos of Two Peds in a Pod

Susan Weissman

“Susan Weissman gives a powerful, candid account of her family's struggle to adapt-and thrive-in the face of her young son's life-threatening food allergies. But her insights aren't limited those coping with allergies; Feeding Eden will resonate deeply with people facing many different kinds of challenges.” — Gretchen Rubin - Bestselling author of The Happiness Project

Brian O'Reilly

“An utterly delightful debut novel from cookbook author and TV cooking-show producer O’Reilly. Filled with more than 20 (fairly complicated) recipes for Angelina’s gourmet fare, the food is only half of the novel’s winning ingredient—O’Reilly’s keen ear for the neighborhood swells lends a charming, timeless quality to the tale. Light comedy and good food make a winning combination.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Bianca Turetsky

“Turetsky's debut breezily incorporates past and current pop culture references; with a spunky main character and breathless descriptions of glamorous clothing, it's entertaining wish fulfillment ...” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Dr. Jeffrey Rubin

“The Art of Flourishing is more than a practical manual for flourishing in these turbulent times. It offers step-by-step procedures for broadening the scope of one’s own well-being while deepening intimate relationships. But more, it displays Dr. Rubin’s profound wisdom of the human psyche. His many years of uniquely combining the best of Eastern and Western approaches in his own life and as a psychotherapist make this book a treasure.” — Joel Kramer, coauthor of The Guru Papers and The Passionate Mind Revisited