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"Hyperfocus does a remarkable job of unpacking the realities, obstacles, and best practices of managing the subtle but ever-present world of our conscious attention. All of us can get better at how, when, and on what we focus; and this is an extraordinary, eye-opening and research based report of what affects us in this regard, and how to take advantage of this information to achieve greater satisfaction in our lives." — David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

When Chris Bailey graduated University, he received several job offers, but decided to decline them to dedicate a full year of his life to exploring his weird passion: productivity. For a full year he did anything and everything to become more productive. That included conducting dozens of productivity experiments on himself, like living in total isolation for 10 days, only using his smartphone for an hour a day, waking up at 5:30am every morning, and working 90-hour weeks. Over his project and over the last decade, Chris has researched and experimented with every productivity technique under the sun to discover what works and what doesn’t. The lessons from this yearlong project have been distilled into Chris' book, The Productivity Project, an international bestseller that is being translated into eight languages.

Chris' work has received national and international media attention from outlets like The New York Times, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, New York Magazine, the BBC, and countless others. Every month his work is read by about 200,000 people from almost every country around the world, and in a recent interview, the prestigious TED Talks organization said that he “might be the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet.” Recently, Fast Company called him a "productivity mastermind." You can read Bailey’s work at

Today, Bailey is an international speaker and productivity evangelist, and has tailored speaking topics for people of all ages and pursuits:

For everyone: A fresh perspective on productivity that will entertain and enlighten, offering practical tactics—such as Singletasking and the Rule of 3—to permanently change your productivity habits.
For leaders: A talk designed for busy leaders to help them eliminate unimportant tasks, focus on truly important matters, and increase team productivity.
For salespeople: An inspiring dialogue that teaches salespeople how to eliminate attention hijackers and better cultivate relationships with clients.
For students: An important talk for budding professionals, dissecting why truly productive people don't work faster or more frantically—they just work more deliberately and intentionally throughout the day.

​Watch Chris' most recent TEDx talk:

"The return on investment from Chris’ workshop just two short months ago is unquestionably massive, and continues to grow. After the event, I received appreciative feedback from everyone in attendance, from new engineers, to industry-renowned experts with 40+ years of experience. One executive vice-president at my company even went so far as to say that the workshop “changed his life.” Chris’ ideas on how to work with deliberateness and intention have grown to become a part of our everyday conversations. Simply put, we’re accomplishing more and are happier doing it."
- VP Services, 3esi and Enersight