Rajeev Peshawaria

“Lucinda believed in the concepts of my book from day one; she worked tirelessly with me to improve each chapter, offering tough feedback in the process.”

Alan L. Wurtzel

“In a competitive market, Lucinda was able to land national media for my business book, Good to Great to Gone; The Rise and Fall of Circuit City. She helped to coordinate a book tour with speaking events; build a professional website; and lend editorial and online marketing expertise. It's not enough to believe in your book. You need someone else who can network, promote, and advise you. Lucinda believed in this project from the start and gave both energy and encouragement every step of the way.”

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner

“Just when I thought I had nothing more to write, Lucinda, with her literary expertise, helped me find the words. Just when I thought I had run out of options, Lucinda gathered her extensive resources and made connections. Just when I thought there was no more I could handle, Lucinda offered her continued support and guidance...her tireless work helped me to stretch, realize my goals, and accomplish them.”

Hannah Seligson

“Lucinda is as sharp as they come in the book world - it's the combination of her killer instincts, creativity, and resourcefulness. Publicist alone doesn't do her justice. She is a totally unique hybrid of brand manager, media liaison, and agent. I am greatly indebted to her for all the wonderful things she did for me and my book, Mission: Adulthood.”

Allison Winn Scotch

“I’m so fortunate to have had Lucinda as my advocate during my paperback launch. She worked tirelessly on my behalf, came up with creative and targeted ways to expand my book’s reach, and landed me fantastic placements on sites and magazines that I wouldn’t have otherwise landed. Hiring her was one thing that I didn’t question for a second.”

Bianca Turetsky

“Working with Lucinda Blumenfeld helped take my debut YA novel to the next level. Coming from a place of no online presence, Lucinda helped me organically build an online community through an interactive website visited in 15 countries, Twitter, and Facebook. The publication of your first book is an amazing but nerve-racking experience, and I felt like I was in incredibly competent hands with Lucinda and would not have wanted to go through it without her!”